"Specializing in Musical Diversity"


DJ KevG is one of the most sought after DJs in New York. His hypnotic blend of hip-hop, dance, soul, and world beats packs the dance floor and keeps the club hoppers, celebrities, and VIP's partying til the morning. Party goers can catch him spinning in New York's hottest venues in the city, and most popular lounges in the Hamptons during the summer season. Forever the eclectic, it's always a discovery as to where DJ KevG may turn up to rock a crowd. Be in the know and join our mailing list for future appearances.

What sets DJ KevG apart from the crowd is his vast knowledge of the world of music and his ability to blend various genres together. He was also the music director for the South Asian Networking Association (SANA) and the South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFF), where he spun an irresistible brew of South Asian, World, hip-hop, and popular music.

As DJ KevG was quoted in the industry bible magazine DJ Times: "It's not the mix or tech ability that makes a DJ outstanding, what's important is what record you put on next."

"A lot of DJ's know how to mix but reading the crowd is the most important thing, especially in the place where all the energy revolves around the dance floor."